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Vamoose is a terrific resource for those looking for Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals, Puerto vallarta villas, Puerto Vallarta villa rentals and Puerto Vallarta condos. Once a quiet fishing village, Puerto Vallarta Mexico was nudged into the spotlight and remained there after being featured in a movie starring Richard Burton called "The Night of the Iguana". Burton's romance with Elizabeth Taylor while they were both married to others brought international paparazzi to the Mexican town in droves. Guests of Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals came to enjoy the newly burgeoning resort and the rest is history. Known as a modern city that still retains its original Mexican roots, visitors of Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals come to enjoy the 26 miles of beaches, beautiful diving sites, cobblestone streets and limitless shopping and dining venues. Whether staying in the hotel epicenter of Nuevo Vallarta or a quieter lodging in a neighboring town, visitors will enjoy taking in this Mexican village and all it has to offer. So when you are looking for Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals, Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals, Puerto Vallarta villa rentals, or Puerto Vallarta condos, come to Vamoose!

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