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US Locations

US - California

California is a destination that will continue to reveal new facets of its landscape and culture to visitors with every trip. From sunny beaches and Hollywood glamour to rolling countryside and wine tasting, California offers something for everyone. Search vacation rental properties throughout California including San Diego, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Yosemite, Mendocino, Monterey and much more.

US - Florida (All)

With legendary beaches, famous golf courses and family theme parks as just a small sampling of Florida's many offerings, it's no wonder that it continues to be a popular vacation destination. Find Florida vacation rentals in top areas including Palm Beach, Florida Keys, Fort Walton, Boca Raton, Jacksonville, Fort Myers and others.

US - East Coast

With countless shorelines, bustling cities, and rolling landscapes, the Mid-Atlantic offers something for every visitor at every pace. Search Mid-Atlantic vacation rentals in areas including Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and more.

US - Hawaii

Call it paradise or call it your next vacation destination -- Hawaii's beautiful islands beckon visitors every year to it's sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, and tropical environs. Search Hawaii vacation rentals in all of the top island hotspots on Kauai, Maui, Molokai, Oahu and the Big Island.

US - Midwest

Considered the heartland of the United States, the Midwest offers beautiful countryside, welcoming locals, and a wide range of sights and activities. Search Midwest vacation rentals in areas including Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri and more.

US - Nevada

Nevada! The state of many monikers. The Silver State, The Mining State, The Sagebrush State and others. This diverse western state has much to offer those looking for a Nevada vacation rental. Lake Tahoe, & Las Vegas vacation homes are just the beginning. Did you know that Nevada is home to 50% of our country's wild horses? 30% of the silver mined comes from Nevada. People from all over the world, come to Nevada to try their hand at Lady Luck. Gambling is a huge business here. Come to Nevada, and find the perfect Nevada vacation rental for you.

US - New England

Rich historic landmarks, amazing coastal getaways, and well-loved ski areas are just some of the New England attractions drawing millions of visitors each year. Search New England vacation rentals in areas including Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont and Massachusetts.

US - Oregon

Located in the ever-green Pacific Northwest, Oregon is a treasure trove of experiences for the nature lover or those who love city life! From the near California border towns of Ashland and Medford lodging to Portland property rentals, Vamoose has much to choose from. All you need to do is first decide if you want rural or city, and go from there. Beach vacation homes of interest? Check out Seaside or Newport vacation rentals. Condos or homes, there is a price and size for a romantic weekend or a family reunion. Come to Oregon and have the vacation of a life time!

US - Pacific Northwest

Beautiful landscapes, endless outdoor activities, and incredible cultural diversity make the Northwest a perfect vacation getaway. Experience the untouched vistas of Alaska, sit by waterfalls in Oregon, walk on a beach on the San Juan Islands, and more. Search Pacific Northwest vacation rentals in popular areas including Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and Alaska.

US - Rocky Mountains

Vacationers looking to 'Go West' can experience all that the Rocky Mountains have to offer. Ski top resorts throughout Colorado and Wyoming and explore the wide open lands of Montana. Choose vacation rentals across the Rocky Mountains including Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming.

US - Southeast

Warm and balmy weather, down-home cuisine and genuine hospitality can be found throughout the Southeastern United States. Choose vacation rentals across the South including Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and more.

US - Southwest

From the dry desert air and colorful environs of Arizona to the big state welcome from Texas, the Southwest United States will charm its visitors with all it has to offer. Choose vacation rentals across the Southwestern U.S. including Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and Nevada.

US - Washington

Washington state, located in the lush Pacific Northwest, is a year round destination full of Washington state vacation rental homes, condos and cabins. From the west coast to the north central areas, you can find something for everyone, and every budget. Vacation homes offering ski, to vacation home rentals at the shore are offered on Vamoose. You can choose from Washington state vacation homes to a studio condo in Seattle. Luxury accomodations in the city to rustic cabins tucked away in the woods - well, we have them all. Take a look at our Washington state vacation homes and start planning your Pacific Northwest retreat today.

US - Washington DC

The District - as it is called by locales was named after George Washington. Washington DC has many city vacation home rentals as well as in the outlying areas. You can see the Potomac or many of the Washington DC structures from your Washing DC vacation home rental or vacation condo rental. Come to the hub of the US and find a vacation home rental perfect for you.

International Locations


The Commonwealth of Australia is a vast country with less population than the state of California. Tasmania, with the cleanest air on earth and the combination of states and territories host many vacation home rentals for you to choose from. You just have to decide what type of terrain you are looking for and Vamoose can help. Come to Australia and find the perfect Sydney vacation home rental for a city destination, or Tasmania, for a more remote vacation home rental, and of course we cannot go without talking about the Great Barrier Reef! Vamoose can help you find the perfect Australia vacation home rental.


Rio de Janeiro - translation; The River of January. We know it as the home of Carnival. Clothing optional beaches and fabulous waterfront vacation home rentals make this a trip of a lifetime. As Cristo Redentor watches over this amazing city and its splendor of vacation home rentals, you will understand why so many from around the world choose Rio de Janeiro vacation home rentals.


Whether you're beach bound with pure relaxation in mind or looking for a diverse selection of sea-based adventures, the Caribbean consistently ranks amongst the top destinations for vacationers. Search from a multitude of Caribbean vacation rental homes, condos and villas in hot spots including the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Trinidad, Jamaica and more.


From beautiful and serene nature landscapes to cosmopolitan and urban city settings, Canada's provinces offer the full range of vacation getaways for all visitors. Find Canada vacation rentals in top destinations including Banff, Vancouver, Whistler, Ontario Cottage Country, Mont Tremblant and Sun Peaks.

Central America

With tropical temperatures, dense rain forests, and rich culture and history, Central America is adventure-filled and offers a vacation of a lifetime to its visitors. Search Central America vacation rental properties in beautiful Belize, Costa Rica and Honduras.


Viva la France! From the City of Lights to the French Riviera there is a truly a vacation chalet, vacation villa or vacation home for everyone in this culturally diverse country. Broken down in regions, you can go from the beach to the mountains, and enjoy the Champagne region and its vacation homes in between. Bordeaux, Montignac, Tours, Dijon, such diverse areas. Take a train and cross the country in comfort and style. Stop along the way, and enjoy a bottle of French wine and a baguette. Cliché? Maybe, but come to France and live the good life in a vacation villa.


The Deutschland; Cities such as Frankfort, Hanover, Munich, - this historic country is home to beautiful and quaint vacation home rentals. Take the train along the Rhine and see the ancient castles of yesteryear. Sample some Apple Wine in Frankfurt?s oldest city pub and then home to your city vacation home rental. Whatever part of Germany you choose; Vamoose will help you find the perfect vacation home rental.


If you are looking for a vacation home rental in a lush landscape surrounded by warm and loving folks and a good stout pint, Ireland is destination for your next vacation home rentals. County Cork, Dublin or even Ennis, Ireland boasts something for you. Golfers - a must do in Ireland. Fine wools and lovely laces abound. Let Vamoose help you find your vacation home in Ireland.


The Boot - welcome to Italy. The amazing cuisine, the warmth of the people and the culture, are second to none. Rome, the birthplace and home of the Catholic Church is here. Priceless art and fine jewelry - Italy has craftsmanship like no place else on earth can be found in Arrezzo. Last but certainly not least - the shopping in Milan! Vamoose can take you to this cultural Mecca and help you find the perfection vacation villa in Italy. Whether you choose, the north, the south, or Sicily, come to Italy and have a vacation of a lifetime in your vacation home or vacation villa.


Bursting with new and old culture, Mexico and its regions continue to be a favorite traveling destination. You can set your sights on climbing ancient pyramids, enjoying authentic cuisine, meandering through markets, or simply relaxing on Mexico's beautiful beaches. Locate Mexico vacation rentals in top destination areas including Acapulco, Mazatlan, Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen and more.


This nation's largest city is Lisbon. The large city is home to almost 3 million people and many vacation home rentals. Lisbon has some diverse architecture both modern and historic. There is sure to be something for every taste and every budget in Lisbon vacation home rentals on Vamoose.


Kingdom of Spain, known for its capital Madrid, is rich in history, culture, fabulous food and romance! The Rock of Gibraltar to Valencia and all of the areas in between such as Barcelona and Seville, there are vacation home rentals and vacation home villas any where you look. Prices are from the frugal to lovely mountain mansions.


United Kingdom

London, Bristol, the Shetland Islands, the farm land and sprawling country side can only be on place, The UK - this political friend of the USA "across the pond" is home to many vacation home rentals in city and in the countryside. London for those wanting adventure and the arts and the country for a lovely slow paced vacation home experience. The UK vacation home rental is here for you.