Don't Miss Palaces & Churches while at Venice Rentals

The architecture of the buildings is one of the features that draws millions of visitors each year, and you too can enjoy all architectural splendor of this city while vacationing at one of the Venice rentals. Venice is the city of love, in part because you're forced to either travel on foot or by gondola. Either way travel is slow, but in return you can take in all the splendor of this magnificent city. Venice rentals offer all the amenities you need to enjoy a vacation in this city, and the following are some of the palaces and churches that should not be missed.

Palazzo Flangini

Constrained by limited space, the palaces in Venice were forced to build upwards and if lucky, they were able to purchase the adjoining buildings in order to build outward as well. The Palazzo Flangini is a stunning, yet unfinished, example of palaces in Venice. It was built in the 17th century, but was never finished due to the Flangini family not being able to purchase the adjoining building. Nonetheless, this marble fronted palace was home to a very important family. After the last member of the Flangini family died, the palace became the property of the Panciera family and it is currently undergoing restoration.

Palazzo Labia

Designed in the Venetian Baroque style, this palace was constructed in the first half of the 1700s. Falling on hard times, the Labia family couldn't maintain the palace's upkeep and sold it to Prince Lobkowitz in the early 19th century. He in turn sold it to a company that sold all the works of art and furniture and divided the palace up into flats that were then sold or rented. The Italian television network RAI purchased the property in 1963 and established its headquarters there.

Basilica di San Marco

This is arguably the most famous church in Venice, and is undoubtedly one of the city's major attractions. Located on Piazza San Marco, this example of Byzantine architecture is a much cherished landmark in the city. This church was originally constructed in 828, and though it's been rebuilt and restored several times, it stands pretty much today as it did in 1028.

Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari

Known locally as the "Frari," this is one of the city's greatest churches, second only to St. Marks. Built in 1396, this church is an example of Italian Gothic architecture and it stands in the center of the San Polo district.

Santa Maria Della Salute

Known as the "Salute," this church is visible from the water as one approaches St. Mark's Square. Construction began in 1631 on this church, which was built in thanks for deliverance from an outbreak of the plague.

Venice is filled with architectural wonders and thousand-year-old buildings. Among the oldest still standing are the churches and palaces, of which there are plenty. Staying in a rental property while in Venice allows you the time, luxury and freedom to explore all the city has to offer. can help you find the best rental for your needs; you can search by price, location or amenities.