Native American Attractions by Your Flagstaff Cabin Rental

Flagstaff cabin rental resorts are a wonderful way to explore Arizona and learn more about Native Americans. There are a large number of Native American attractions located near Flagstaff, Arizona. By finding out about these attractions before leaving home it should be much easier to plan your trip and decide exactly where to stay.

Flagstaff is a wonderful place to visit to learn about the Native American cultures and why their way of life must be respected. There are many attractions which will help you to understand the culture and behavior of the people to whom we owe so much.

Museum of Northern Arizona

The Museum of Northern Arizona shouldn't be too far away from your Flagstaff vacation rentals property. This museum is home to lots of interesting artifacts. There are various exhibits devoted to Native Americans and it's a good starting place to understand how they used to live. This will give you a good foundation of the culture of native American people.

The Navajo

The Navajo is the biggest reservation set aside for native Americans to live how they always have been. This area of Arizona is close to Flagstaff and is home to over 250,000 native American people. The area is huge and covers over 27,000 square miles. The people who live in this area will refer to themselves as "the Dine." This reservation was initially created in 1868 although it has grown a lot over the years. The reserve is exceptionally beautiful and has unparalleled views.

The Hopi

The Hopi is a section of the Navajo reservation. This is made up of 12 separate villages. The area has a long history with the tribes dating back as far as 500 AD. It's interesting to watch how these people work and grow food. They live in a very dry climate which means they have developed their own unique techniques. Traditional farmers in the Hope region will use wind breaks to retain soil and moisture in certain areas of the soil. They manage to grow squash, melons and corn in landscapes which don't look like they can support farming.

The Hualapai

Hualapai literally means "the people of the tall pine." These people live in a reservation which is over a million acres in size. It stretches along the Colorado river and passes by the Grand Canyon. It's fascinating to watch people going about their daily lives as they always have done. People have lived here ever since AD 600.

The Havasupai

The Havasupai has had people living there for over 1000 years. These people live in the Grand Canyon and survive by farming during summer and hunting during the winter. Nowadays tourism is an important part of the local economy. Over 12,000 people visit the area every year to learn about the culture and see some beautiful parts of the world. The largest city in the area is Supai and this is compeltely cut off from the modern world as it's only accessible by a hiking trail. can help you to find the best Flagstaff cabin rentals by searching based on location and price. This should make finding a vacation property close to the Native American attractions very easy.