Hiking & Biking near Grayton Beach, FL Vacation Rentals

Landing any of the Grayton Beach Fl vacation rentals allows you to get the most out of your getaway. You can enjoy the comforts of home while having the warm waters of the Gulf so near you. Feel free to let your mood dictate how to spend your days because this laid-back village with "nice dog's strange people" is up for exhilarating water sports, endless rounds of golf, hours of antique browsing, and more. If you have wanted to find the most scenic of trails without having to wander too far from your rental, then you have picked just the right vacation spot.  

Park and Forest Trails

The Grayton Beach Hike and Bike Trail is where you start the over 4 miles of designated paved trail that runs parallel to the County Highway 30A. Once you pass the protruding plant roots at the state park, you can expect a smooth ride. Some sections are also clear of the flatwoods and you can have unobstructed views of the lakes and a few Grayton Beach vacation homes.

Point Washington State Forest sweeps over the inland portion of Grayton Beach, and it gives bikers and hikers the choice of taking the 3.5-, 5-, or 10-mile loop of the Eastern Lake Bike/Hike Trail. Its pine straw-blanketed Longleaf Greenway trail that also snakes through pines and cypress is a work in progress. While you hike, keep your eyes open for the Red-cockaded Woodpecker, Kestrels, and Flatwoods Salamanders.
Trails by the Water

Compared to the long stretch of 30A, the Grayton Beach Nature Trail is shorter and weaves through sand dunes, more pines and oaks, and the lake. Pick up a guide from the ranger station and pace yourself. Also, many parts of the Highway 30A have water views like those of the Oyster Lake, the Redfish Lakes, and the Eastern Lake, so you can bike just the parts you want to pedal in and just drive through the others.

Renting Out your Gear

Lining the highway are bike shops like Big Daddy's, Sunny Days, and Butterfly Bike. You would hardly be left stranded on the street just in case you get a flat.

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