Rent a Vacation Home Close to Great Fishing Spots

One of the best things about a vacation home in Idaho is the number of great fishing spots. Much of Idaho, especially around the Sun Valley area, has escaped heavy development. Some of the local events held on a yearly basis include a Celtic festival, arts festival, and bike and music festival. The fishing mostly takes place along the Wood River, which has a tranquil atmosphere, with an abundance of steelhead and Chinook salmon. Wildlife viewing opportunities abound at the fishing spots. Below is a list of some of the best fishing spots in the area.

The Big Wood

The Big Wood has a relatively short season encompassing March through May. Species that you can usually successfully catch here are brown, rainbow, and brook trout. No stocking is done here, so all the fish tend to be big locals. Cottonwood trees shade much of the banks. It's easy to wade in the river, and even beginners shouldn't have trouble catching something. This is a good location for kids who like to fish.

The Little Wood

The Little Wood is open all year-round, which is good news to anglers. Spring and fall are usually the best times to fish for trout here. The confluence with Silver Creek makes for some very exciting fishing. Large brown trout are common near this junction. Anyone fishing during the summer months should use caution, as there are rattlesnakes in the area. Rattlesnakes can and will swim when necessary.

Copper Basin

Copper Basin is open all year. Fishing enthusiasts will certainly be pleased with this spot. Two kinds of cutthroat and two kinds of trout, as well as whitefish, are caught here. The fish are abundant, so you're almost assured of catching something. The mountain views here are truly beautiful and provide a good backdrop. You'll also get to spot wildlife passing through the area on their way to their favorite watering holes.

The Big Lost

The Big Lost is open from May to March. It's a popular spawning ground for rainbow trout due to its cold temperature. Some of the trout caught here have been known to reach 25 inches. More experienced anglers will typically get more out of this location. Antelope, elk, moose, and even bears pass through here. Some of the tallest mountains in Idaho are in this fishing area. You'll be impressed by them.

Silver Creek

Silver Creek is one of the top fly fishing destinations in the state. The fishing season runs from May to February. Three different trout species call Silver Creek home. The creek's location makes it a prime spot for watching wildlife while fishing. Hawks and deer both regularly visit the area, as well as other species. The high desert scenery is especially nice at any time of year.

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