Nightlife Hot Spots close to Las Vegas Rental Houses

Las Vegas rental houses are located close to some of the hottest and most happening hot spots in the region. Also known as Sin City and "the entertainment capital of the world," Vegas is abundant with casinos, hotels and entertainment shows. There are several happening nightclubs close to your Las Vegas vacation house.


XS is located on Las Vegas Boulevard and it is one of the busiest nightclubs in town. The atmosphere is breathtaking with fabulous people. There is a pool right in the middle of the club; the dance floor is complete with poles for the crowd to dance. You can also find Jacuzzi and gambling tables. Rest your tired legs in the pool or Jacuzzi after a dance. The club itself is huge, so you needn't worry about stepping on someone else's toes. It is well ventilated and does not get stuffy, even when it's crowded. There are beautiful go-go dancers and a great crowd to make sure that you a good time.


Tryst is yet another Las Vegas club with fantastic d├ęcor and beautiful people, with the addition of a 90-feet waterfall. The dance floor overlooks the waterfall. The bartenders are responsive and the drinks are good and fairly priced. It is advisable that you either opt for a bottle service or try to book a table. Late evenings, it tends to get rather crowded and there is always a line; come here early to miss the line. The club is open from Thursday through Sunday, with great staff and an even more beautiful crowd.


Chippendale's is one of the top favorites of women. With beautiful bodies and two shows per day, it is the perfect spot for a bachelorette party. This place also offers ample parking space. The luxury bathrooms, known as the Flirt Lounge, are in shades of pink and purple. There are make-up stations and plum-colored couches framed by heavy purple drapery. Not very far from your rental house, it is a must visit.

The Bank, Bellagio

The Bank is a premier nightclub located on Las Vegas Boulevard, and it is open from Thursday through Sunday. There is ample parking space and also wheelchair accessibility. There is a line to get into the club, which reaches as far as the casino entrance at times, but it is a fairly well-managed one. This place is small (6,600 square feet) when compared to most clubs in Las Vegas, but the music is good and the staff is friendly. The prices of the drinks are justified and the food is palatable. The best part is that there is no cover for the ladies, and also keep an eye out for complimentary passes. The chances of spotting a celebrity here are rather high.

A Word of Caution: If you are planning to consume large amounts of alcohol, remember to keep consuming equal amounts of water to ensure that you are hydrated. Being in a desert, the chances of dehydration are high.

To get your Vegas vacation started, search for a rental house at You can search for a rental based on location (some are close to the clubs mentioned above), price and amenities offered.