Annual Festivals to See while at Taos Cabin Rentals

Enjoy entertaining and unique festivals all year long while staying at Taos cabin rentals. Taos, the oldest continuously inhabited town of northern New Mexico is renowned for its art, music, storytelling and architecture that revel in the region’s great beauty and culture. No matter which part of the year you visit this place, there will always be an exciting festival that offers a peek into the lives and culture of the town’s inhabitants.

Taos Mountain Balloon Rally

This event takes place every year on the last full weekend in October. The rally is organized by the non-profit group the”Taos Mountain Balloon Rally Association” with sponsorships by the local community. This is fun family activity which hosts around 35 to 50 balloons and crew each year.  The large balloons mass ascend at dawn, and a parade and a grand ball is held in the evening.

Taos Wool Festival

This annual festival celebrates more than 400 years of New Mexico, Texas and Colorado wool tradition every first weekend in October. This is a 2-day event held in the Kit Carson Park and is sponsored by the Mountain and Valley Wool Association. Here you get to see and bring home some fine traditional and contemporary fiber artistic woollen clothing. Competitions in hand spinning wool and fleece are a major attraction. You can even get close to the goats, sheep, alpacas and angora rabbits on display.

Annual Taos Solar Music Festival

This annual fest is held at Kit Carson Memorial Park. Taos being home to many energy conserving activists has earned itself the title of being the "Solar Capital of the World." There are usually two festivals ocurring side by side: ticketed and for-profit Taos Solar Music Festival and free for all the Solar Village Musical Festival. Both attract music lovers and locally and internationally acclaimed artists.

Taos Storyteller Festival

Usually held in late October, the Storyteller Festival is a two-day event that offers a preview of the literature-rich cultural landscape of Taos. From amateurs to the professional, the novice to the experienced, you will find an array of storytellers telling their tales. The festival also showcases live readings, workshops, conferences and book sales.

Winter Wine Festival

The Wine Festival is held in January in Taos and the Village of Taos Ski Valley annually. Wineries from around the world offer their vintages as well as new taste, and usually pair with local restaurants for serving appetizers. Local Taos restaurants of the town and in the Taos Ski Valley take turns for hosting nightly winery dinners. The festival also features wine seminars and sales.

Taos School of Music Festival

The musical festival is held from the second half of June through the early days of August, and is dedicated to the young string and piano students to further enhance their creativity. There are a number of music concerts possible (ticketed and free) by renowned artists and students.

There are many festivals in Taos where you can enjoy art and culture with plenty of entertainment. Find comfort living from the best Taos vacation homes listed at You can filter your search by location, amenities and price.