Snow Activities near Mt. Hood Vacation Rentals

Mt. Hood vacation rentals are near one of the most popular winter vacation spots in the United States. An average snowfall of 400 inches, activities at Mt. Hood and nearby Mt. Hood vacation homes, make it the perfect winter destination.

Alpine Skiing

Mt. Hood has a number of ski resorts for downhill skiing. Among the popular ski areas are Timberline Lodge, which has been in business since 1937. Over 2 million people visit Timberline every year. The Meadows Ski Resort has a variety of trails for novice through expert skiers, including the challenging Heather and Clark Canyons. Special lessons are available. Summit Ski Area has been in operation since 1927. It is affordable and family-friendly. The summit is 4,000 feet. Summit operates the Snow Bunny snow play/tubing area approximately 2 miles from the resort.

Cross Country Skiing

Operated by the Oregon Nordic Club, Teacup features 20 kilometers of groomed cross-country trails. A heated cabin is available to warm up or have lunch while skiing the trails. Ski Bowl East and West resorts offer cross-country and downhill skiing. Additional cross-country ski areas are locaed at Summit Ski Area, Snow Bunny Lodge, White River East and White River West and Hood River Meadows, all designated as Sno Parks. Trillium Lake is another lovely spot for cross-country skiing, although you'll have to watch out for snowmobiles.


Among the Mt. Hood resorts offering snowboarding are Mt. Hood Meadows, the Timberline Lodge and Mt. Hood Skibowl. Mt. Hood Meadows will equip you with the best equipment for your snowboarding experience. Renting your equipment at the resort is more convenient. A deposit or credit card is required for rentals. Timberline Lodge, one of Mt. Hood's most famous landmarks, has launched Still Creek Basin, a new area of ski trails that's added an additional 6 miles and 8 new trails. An express chairlift has also been added.


With so many trails in Minnesota, it's not hard to find great places for snowmobiling. Mt. Hood National Forest has over 400 miles of maintained trails. The trails, combined with Mt. Hood's incredible scenery, make it the perfect snowmobiling destination. The trails cross public and private property. The Government Camp trails are exclusively for skiers and snowshoers, but you can find snowmobile trails at Frog Lake and Skyline Road Sno Parks. These trails are well-maintained. Trails that aren't groomed can be found at Trillium Lake and White River East. In addition, the following areas also have ungroomed trails: Bennett Pass, Little John, Lolo Pass and Billy Bob.


Timberline has a package for snowshoeing that's all-inclusive. It provides access to perfect terrain for snowshoeing and a lift ride back. Still Creek Basin, a new area at Timberline Lodge, has a trail reserved exclusively for snowshoeing. Another beautiful location for snowshoeing is Trillium Lake. The lake is located just past Ski Bowl. One of the trails takes you 5 miles around the lake, but another trail is shorter and will also take you to the lake. Weather permitting, you can snowshoe down to the lake, have lunch and hike back up the hill. Be sure to have your camera on clear days, to get some spectacular shots of Mt. Hood. 

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