Fishing & Crabbing by Your Seaside, Oregon Beach House

Fishing or crabbing outings almost always complement a stay at a seaside Oregon beach house. A seaside vacation home at the Oregon beach is always a big draw among tourists because of the popularity and proximity of good fishing and crabbing spots nearby. These are some of the most enjoyed activities in the vicinity of a seaside Oregon beach house.

Netarts Bay

The Netarts Bay is located at a distance of 6 miles west of Tillamook, Oregon, on the way to Oceanside and Cape Meares. This is a popular destination among fishing and crabbing enthusiasts. Netarts Bay is unique in the sense there is no major river feeding into it. Hence the bay is placid and has a big bounty of the famous Dungeness crab. This also keeps the salmon fishermen away. To top it off, the place always seems to be filled with friendly and personable people.

A word of advice: there are no docks or platforms to start crabbing. You will either need to launch your own boat from the public boat launch or rent a crabbing charter. The main crab season is during the winter.

Gold Beach

Gold Beach is a popular fishing spot due to a rich combination of rivers, streams and lakes. This mix provides the best fishing spots in the world replete with varieties like the salmon, steelhead, trout, halibut, cod, tuna, rockfish, shellfish and Dungeness crab. Almost all sizes of fish are easily accessible, and procuring fishing equipment is not a problem, thanks to the nearby stores.


Newport is a popular tourist destination situated on the central Oregon coast. It is famous for its fish, crabs and oysters. As a fishing enthusiast, you can rent a fishing charter to take you and friends out to fish for some salmon. The Yaqina Bay offers golden opportunities for crabbing and clamming. You can rent the clamming equipment like crab pots, clam shovels and guns at local tackle shops.

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach provides a large number of fishing adventures. The popular fish are the salmon, sturgeon and Albacore tuna. You can rent a charter boat at the docks; there are all kinds of options available based on the services, trip lengths and boat size needed. On weekends and holidays, you will need to make reservations in advance.

Crabbing is also a favorite at Cannon beach, and the Dungeness crab is again the prized catch. Crabbing boats can be hired at the Nehalem Bay, south of Cannon Beach. Crabbing at Cannon Beach does not require a license and can be enjoyed year round. There is, however, an upper limit of 12 crab per person.

You should plan your fishing and crabbing adventures well in advance due to the heavy rush experienced during tourist season. Take a look at and find your Oregon beach house by price, size, location and amenities.