Your Killington Ski House is Close to Relaxing Spas

Although your Killington ski house can be very relaxing, don't forget that area spas can also provide you with a relaxing and tranquil experience. Killington is a small town in Rutland County, Vermont. People visit to enjoy activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, skiing and snowboarding. With so many outdoor activities to offer, visitors might forget that the town has various indoor activities as well. Killington's spas are some of the town's indoor offerings, and are a must during your vacation. 

The Woods Resort Spa

Known as Killington's "four season spa," no matter when guests visit, this spa has amenities for them to enjoy. The spa features an indoor and outdoor pool, sauna and steam rooms, tanning beds, a tennis court and a fitness center.

The Woods Resort Spa offers massages, facials, body treatments, manicures and pedicures. One of the treatments offered is the Aromatic Beauty Facial. This treatment uses all-natural products and includes a face massage that combines digital pressure, reflexology and shiatsu techniques.

In addition to individual treatments, the spa offers day packages. Most packages include one of the facials, massages and hand or foot treatments. Any of these packages would be a good fit for guests that want to spend the day away from Killington vacation homes. Spa packages are also an economical way to experience multiple spa treatments; the treatments offered in the packages are more expensive when they are booked separately. Reservations are required. 

New Life Hiking Spa

As the names suggests, New Life Hiking Spa caters to guests that need relaxing treatments after a day of hiking. Although New Life does offer a facial and a body treatment, the rest of the treatments are massages. These include deep tissue, Swedish, hot stone, Thai Yoga and Ohashiatsu techniques. All of the massages are designed to relieve sore muscles, stimulate blood circulation and redirect the body's energy flow. Walk-ins are welcome, but reservations are strongly encouraged. 

Killington Grand Spa

This luxury spa is located in the Killington Grand Hotel. The Killington Grand Spa offers facials, body scrubs and wraps, hand and foot treatments as well as massages. One of the signature treatments is the Vermont Wild Flower Wrap. This body treatment begins with sugar scrub infused with floral essential oils and continues on as the body is covered with a honey body mask and hot moistened towels. While wrapped in the towels, the head and feet are massaged and the treatment ends with a full-body application of body butter. The Killington Grand Spa also offers spa treatments specifically tailored to men and teens. 

Guests have access to the hotel's fitness center, pool and hotel restaurants and cafes. Killington Grand Spa is open daily; reservations are required.

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